MIX IT UP Hydrating Clay Powder like a Pro

First off.  Just don't use metal when mixing up your clay and water.  Metal can reduce the healing "charge" in the clay.  Use wood, glass, ceramic, BPA proof plastic...

The best way takes about 48 hours.  You use about 1:1 water to clay.  Put the water in a bowl first, and then sprinkle in the clay.  The clay will pile above the water a little.  Leave this overnight---and in the morning most or all of the water should be absorbed in to the clay creating a "gel".  If there is too much water, sprinkle on a bit more clay.  Too much powder?  Sprinkle on a bit more water. This can be tedious, but once you get the hang of it, you will know how to create your ideal clay "GEL".  This is most active and potent form of your clay.  Good job!

Please see helpful link below for more information about hydrating clay:


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