Turpentine and Sugar with Carey

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Hey friends! I posted this video yesterday, 12/28/17 on day two of Dr. Jennifer Daniel's turpentine protocol to get rid of candida symptoms. There are a couple of things I left out of the video. First, it is important to read the document that Dr. Jennifer Daniels published about the turpentine procedure, and how to go about using it. I will post this for you in a minute. You need to be having 2-3 bowel movements a day BEFORE you start on this protocol. You are getting rid of parasites, and they will be looking for an exit. If you are blocked, or constipated, they will have no place to go and you will feel pretty terrible, like you have the flu. In order to achieve this (2-3 BMs a day) increase your water, eat fresh organic fruits and veggies, and walk or hike every day. Cut out alcohol, processed meats, dairy (unless raw goat's milk), white flour, corn, soy and refined sugar. This should help. If you need more support, you can take psyllium capsules or castor oil to get things moving, but if you don't change your activity levels and your diet you will just get blocked up again. Once you are having good BMs, then try this out. It really works. I am on day three (of four) and already experiencing many benefits. My eyesight is more clear, I am getting rid of some chronic congestion due to seasonal allergies, and I have passed some tapeworms and mucoid plaque. I feel light and energetic. My skin feels a little dry, but that may be the weather. I am drinking tons of water, and eating fresh organic veggies, sprouted rice, raw goat's milk. More later Xxx