Unscented KelpMineral Concentrated Healing Butter 4oz

Unscented KelpMineral Concentrated Healing Butter 4oz

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KelpMineral for your skin. Concentrated healing butter combines the healing benefits of the salve with the moisturizing ingredients in the healing butter. Try this rich and nourishing face and body butter to alleviate dryness, and comfort your skin, providing space to heal.  A little goes a long way! Pure and Plain with zero fragrance, zero essential oils.  KelpMineral Concentrate works to fade dark spots.  Aloe provides soothing relief to fragile and sensitive skin. 

100% organic ingredients: KelpMineral Concentrate, shea butter, almond oil, kokum, aloe gel, coconut oil, rosehip oil, Inga’s gold algae concentrate, locally sourced coastal beeswax.

Suitable for the face and body, 4oz

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