KelpMineral Nature's Gift From the Sea

My name is Carey Wundram and I moved to the Oregon coast to mine fossilized kelp mineral.  Kelpmineral, an  'organomineral' originally called "KelpOre" was discovered by my great-great-grandfather in the early 1900's. 

His life-work was dedicated to bringing this mineral to the people in hopes to promote good health and one day eradicate disease from the earth.  


Compounded in the Laboratory of Mother Nature

KelpMineral is harvested from a blue vein of ancient fossilized kelp, nestled in the canyon near the Nestucca River and Pacific Ocean.  This unique blue clay is dried, hand-milled, and sifted into a fine powder.  Ready to mix with water, KelpMineral is the best clay mask you will ever use.

Clay is Good for the Face. Simply mix with just enough water so the mineral paste is the consistency of mustard. Apply to your face with your fingertips. Let dry for 20 minutes. Gently wash off, using a dark washcloth. Reveal smoother, brighter, softer skin!