How it works

  • Phase 1

    When clay mixes with water it becomes “active” or “alive.” Water enhances clay’s negative charge and boosts clay’s capacity to perform the ionic exchange it uses to encapsulate impurities. Metal can weaken this charge, so we recommend avoiding metal containers or utensils when mixing or storing KelpMineral.

  • Phase 2

    By a process called “adsorption” the positively charged toxins and impurities are drawn to the outside of clay particles as if attracted by a magnet. Next, the clay takes the impurities into its internal structure and holds them between its layers in an endothermic process called “absorption.” The toxins are absorbed by the clay.

  • Phase 3

    Clay acts as a bulking agent much in the way that psyllium fiber sweeps toxic matter out of the gut. Clay carries encapsulated toxins out of and away from the body in an eliminatory process.


    The Game Changer is the best clay-mineral mask you will ever use for nourishing, deeply cleansing, and balancing the skin. The numerous mineral salts present in KelpMineral assist to cleanse the skin of toxins, while remineralizing and detoxifying on a cellular level. Suitable for all ages and skin types.

Behind the mineral

Meet Carey Wundram. Carey moved to the Oregon coast to mine fossilized kelp-ore. Following signs from her ancestors, she rediscovered KelpMineral, an 'organomineral' originally called "KelpOre" by her great-great-grandfather, who discovered the mineral in the early 1900's.  His life-work was dedicated to bringing this mineral to the people in hopes to promote good health and one day eradicate disease from the earth. Carey hopes to continue her family's legacy in sharing the mineral’s great healing and restorative properties.


Mineral Science

Clay is a powerful detoxifying agent that excels at drawing impurities from deep within the skin. KelpMineral, a single origin kelp-clay, is the only ingredient in this potent clay mask. Mined by hand on the Oregon coast, the 45+ million-year-old clay in KelpMineral comes from an ancient mine discovered by my ancestors. It is carefully aged for three years using proprietary techniques before it is transformed into a fine powder.

The result is healthy healing beauty from the sea–nothing added,nothing taken away.

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Our Journal

Mineral History

KelpMineral is a unique clay-mineral hand mined from an ancient deposit of fossilized kelp that was discovered by my ancestors in the late 1800’s. Kelp contains innumerable valuable nutrients, ancient ocean vegetable salts and medicinal properties, many of which we are still discovering.

Millions of years ago, giant kelp forests grew in the ocean that covered the land now known as the Pacific Northwest. Over time,tons of kelp from the ocean bottom were deposited into a forested canyon on the Oregon coast in southern Tillamook County. When the waters receded, the sea-kelp was pressed and folded into the timber lined canyon. There it combined with the minerals of the forest soil and hardened to the consistency of soft rock, blending and preserving the wonderful values of both forest and sea. The resulting thick blue layer of fossilized kelp manufactured by time and uncovered by my ancestors is KelpMineral – Nature’s Gift from the Sea