KelpMineral Bath Soak, net weight 9 oz.

KelpMineral Bath Soak, net weight 9 oz.

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Nature's Gift From the Sea--BATH SOAK is a proprietary blend of organic ingredients: Organic Epsom Salt, Organic Magnesium Flakes, Organic hand-crushed Lavender, Organic Petrified Kelp Mineral, Organic Petrified Kelp Clay, MSM, and pharmaceutical grade Orange Essential Oil.

Your body will love this relaxing and re-energizing soak!

Ready to add to the bath...Add a handful, or 2oz scoop, to warm bath water and allow the salts to dissolve.  Soak for 20 minutes or longer.  Rinse with warm or cool water.  

Approximately 4 bath soaks per 8 oz container