KelpMineral Nettle Bath Soak, 6 oz.

KelpMineral Nettle Bath Soak, 6 oz.

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Nature's Gift From the Sea--NETTLE bath soak, is a proprietary blend of organic ingredients: Epsom Salt, Zechstein Magnesium Flakes, aluminum-free baking soda, locally sourced/hand-ground & dried stinging nettles, Kelp Mineral BLACK clay, citric acid, rosemary, juniper berry and needle, lemon grass, clove leaf, black pepper and nutmeg. 

Your body will love this relaxing and pain-relieving soak!

Ready to add to the bath...Add to warm bath water and allow the salts to dissolve.  Soak for 20 minutes or longer.  Rinse with warm or cool water.  

Approximately 2-3 bath soaks per 6oz container