Refresh Bath Bomb
Refresh Bath Bomb
Refresh Bath Bomb

Refresh Bath Bomb

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Fizzy Mineral Soak 

Turn your bath into a soothing self-care ritual. KelpMineral bath bombs are infused with organic ingredients that ease muscle aches, reduce inflammation and leave skin soft and nourished. Contains a therapeutic blend of detoxifying salts, pure Zechstein magnesium, KelpMineral fossilized kelp, and essential oils.

  • An uplifting citrus and vanilla essential oil blend 
  • Safe for children and UTI’s
  • Contains no fragrances, glitters or dyes 

HOW TO USE: Run a bath, making it as comfortably hot as you can make it. Place the Refresh Bath Bomb in the water using your hands to swirl and distribute as needed. We recommend a minimum 20 minute soak. For optimal results, follow with a  nap or other restful activity. We love the “legs up the wall” yoga pose that helps to balance and calm the nervous system.

INGREDIENTS: baking soda (aluminum free), citric acid, arrowroot, KelpMineral, epsom, magnesium, 200mg CBD, orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, clementine & vanilla | *100% organic ingredients. No fragrance, no additives, no animal products, not tested on animals.

DISCLAIMER: For external use only. Do not ingest. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If you have sensitive skin, do a skin patch test prior to usage to test for allergic reaction or sensitivity.


Nature's Gift from the Sea © KelpMineral