Commit to a Cleaner and Healthier you!

Commit to a Cleaner and Healthier you!

It’s the New Year and this comes with a fresh, new slate. “Move down…clean cups”, said the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, but everyone kept finding themselves facing a dirty cup! After the chaotic energy of last year, it is now time to take matters into your own hands…wash your cup, and commit to clean and healthy skin.


Start the New Year with Small Self-Care Intentions

Instead of setting wild goals and grand new year’s resolutions, start with simple, small intentions that are backed by your loyal commitment to health and wellbeing.  This year, let’s create lasting healthy habits for radiant skin and renewed well-being.

The secret lies in setting small, achievable intentions. Start with manageable steps that bring joy and progress, leading to improved self-awareness and lasting gratitude.  You will look and feel better, so let’s get started.



Here are four self-care intentions that will improve your skin’s tone and texture this month:

  1. Schedule a weekly mineral soak: Pamper yourself once a week with a KelpMineral bath session. Choose the Ritual Soak, a mini-bath bomb or the luxurious full-size. Immerse yourself in KelpMineral infused water. Soothe your muscles, calm your nerves, and exfoliate your skin. Baths are a perfect start to your day or a calming wind-down before bed.

Intention: Schedule a KelpMineral bath with a Ritual Soak or bathbomb once a week for a month.

  1. Cleanse & Clear: Ditch your regular face wash for the KelpMineral Essential Bar. This long-lasting black soap gently washes away impurities, combats acne, and prevents breakouts. The Essentail bar contains fossilized kelp-clay which works to draw out toxins, remove bacteria, and balance your skin.

Intention: Wash your face daily with the Essential Bar for a month.

  1. Boost Confidence with a Radiant Glow: Give your skin the Game Changer treatment, a powerful mask made from pure fossilized kelp-clay. Use it daily for a week, then once a week for the rest of the month. Witness visible results with clearer, smoother skin.

Intention: Do a KelpMineral Game Changer mask 7-10 times within 30 days.

  1. Embrace Healing & Replenishment: Indulge in the deeply restorative Miracle Balm. Apply it to your face and nailbeds for a luxurious overnight treatment. The KelpMineral Concentrate™ works its magic while you sleep, improving skin texture by morning.

Intention: Use the Miracle Balm daily to heal and regenerate your skin.



Ready to set the foundation for healthy, radiant skin all year long? We've created a New Year Special 7-Product Kit, to build your new year's skincare routine!

Make your intentions known with the perfect routine – take a KelpMineral bath once a week, use a KelpMineral mask daily for 7 days, then once a week, cleanse daily with the Essential Bar and finally soothe and replenish your skin with the Miracle Balm. 

Plus, we're offering the perfect extended packaged deal with this New Years Special 7-Product Kit:

    All for just $100, with free shipping (this is $29 savings + free shipping for a total of a $36 discount)! This offer provides everything you need to commit to your new self-care journey or a great gift for someone who deserves a little extra R&R.

    Or, you can always create your own plan and customize your product selections. Use discount code MYROUTINE for 10% off any two or more items.

    Remember, it's not about drastic changes, but about a strong and consistent commitment to your health. Start small, celebrate your progress, and watch your confidence and radiance blossom in the New Year. Here's to a year of beautiful skin and a happier you!


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