Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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Deck the Halls with KelpMineral

Ho ho ho! The holidays are here, and there's no better time to spread joy and pamper your loved ones with the gift of healthy, glowing skin. KelpMineral, is Nature’s Gift from the Sea—and its perfect for everyone on your list, no matter their skin type, lifestyle or beauty goals.


Personalized Skincare Magic 

Forget those generic gift sets that never quite fit the bill. KelpMineral's Build-Your-Own-Routine is like a skincare super-hub, allowing you to curate a personalized gift set tailored to yours or your loved one's unique needs and preferences.


For the Acne-Prone Warrior 

Does your loved one battle breakouts? Gift them the Essential Bar, a clay soap that gently exfoliates, draws out toxins, and banishes bacteria deep within the skin. Pair it with the Miracle Balm and Game Changer for a triple-threat acne-fighting bundle.


Aging Gracefully with KelpMineral 

For those embracing the beauty of aging, the Game Changer and Grounding Scrub duo provide gentle detoxification and exfoliation, while the Refresh Bath Bomb promotes soft glowy skin and helps with overall skin health and body tone.


Self-Care Serenity for the Stressed-Out Soul 

Help your friend or family member find their inner peace with a KelpMineral self-care kit that nourishes both mind and body. The Ritual Soak, Game Changer, and Super Healer trio will boost immunity, manage stress, and leave them feeling like they've just emerged from a spa retreat.


For the Guys Who want to up their Grooming Routine 

Men deserve skincare love too! For the guys in your life, start with the Essential Bar, a cult favorite among gents. The Mineral Mist provides maximum cooling and hydration after shaving, while the Mouth Rescue ensures a healthy, fresh smile.


A Season of Gratitude and Glowing Skin 

As we gather with loved ones this holiday season, let's embrace the spirit of gratitude, cherishing the bonds that unite us. KelpMineral, infused with the restorative power of the ocean, is Nature’s Gift from the Sea. 



Special Offer Alert! 

To make your holiday shopping even more delightful, KelpMineral is offering a special treat: Use the code "MYROUTINE" at checkout to enjoy a 10% discount on any combination of products (except gift cards).


Happy Holidays! We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.



1 comment

Rebecca Bauer
Rebecca Bauer

I purchased a jar of the concentrated healing butter over TG weekend in Manzanita at the holiday fair. I will be back in Manzanita on 12/21. Where can I locally purchase your products?

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